Our Philosophy

Architecture and building are complements. I believe that architecture main goal is to make people’s dreams come true and satisfy their needs. It can be hard to have emotional sensitiveness, but I think that good architecture can cause emotions and generate something unexplainable, that fills the soul and enlarge the spirit. Good architecture has no ideologies, it doesn’t belong to any social class, it is for everyone. To use imagination and available means is always a beautiful challenge. 

The incorporation of Bioclimatic technologies (passive and clean energies) has been a must in our proposals that integrated them to architecture. To take care of nature, to understand it is an opportunity to improve people’s life quality, a right use of natural resources to protect our environment, in other words, to exercise a responsible architecture.

The search of beauty in architecture shouldn’t be a problem for the latest to recongize the environment and geography, but it must, first of all, be at the service of people. Architecture is meant not only to be contemplated by people, but to be used by people.